Welcome to the FMLA Blog. This site is desgined to provide with you with current information regarding Family and Medical Leave Act.

Your host, Carl C. Bosland, Esq., helps employers and employees with FMLA compliance through training, audits, and consulting.

Carl has closely followed FMLA developments since the law was enacted in 1993. He is the author of a School Administrator's Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act (ASBO/Rowman & Littlefiled Publishers, Inc. 2007) and The Federal Sector Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act & Related Litigation (Dewey Publications, Inc. 2003 & 2005 Supp.), In addition to the Blog, Carl has written many articles on the FMLA, he has been interviewed for national publications, and provided FMLA training nationally.

Carl is also a labor and employment arbitrator serving the public and private sectors. Additional information regarding his FMLA, arbitration, and other services is available on his website:


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